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Swim With Fish

 Format: Hardcover, Paperback  Author: Debbie Pietsch  Category: Children's  Published: June 15, 2022  ISBN: 978-1-63296-520-2  Pages: 40  Illustrator: Aleida Foulk  Buy on Amazon

When he was just learning to read, my son, Derek, colored a picture titled “Swim with Fish.” As a proud mother, I snapped a photo of his great work. I had no idea back then where that colorful picture would take us.

God has a plan for each of us and gives us all at least one special gift. Derek’s gift is fishing. Derek loves to fish, and even as a young boy, he always gently handled the fish he caught, as if he were speaking to them.

One day, Derek caught one of the biggest catfish ever. Not only that, but that same day he also saved a life. What an amazing adventure! The moment I saw what Derek and his friend were doing and how much compassion they had for this big fish, I knew I had to share this tale with the world. This is a true story of a boy, a friend, and a fish (and how it led to many more incredible fishing expeditions).

Do you like to fish? Would you like more adventure in your life? If you say “yes,” then follow us as we create a series of books about true, unique, and awesome fishing encounters. -Debbie Pietsch

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