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- Stop Surviving and Start Living
 Format: Paperback  Author: Steven Walker  Category: Christian Living  Published: July 6, 2018  ISBN: 1-63296-216-0  Pages: 164  Buy on Amazon

You were born to thrive!

You can do more than just survive. Because of the price Jesus paid, each believer has been given access to a world of abundance: Heaven itself. For too long, society and even some of the church have believed we are defined by our surroundings—we are what happens to us. This belief has produced a rampant identity crisis. However, once we understand who we truly are and who God truly is, we open the door for limitless living.

In “Thrive: Stop Surviving and Start Living”, you will learn:
• How to thrive in every circumstance
• How to access Heaven’s abundant resources
• The beauty of your new identity
• How to walk as a citizen of Heaven in this life
• How to connect with God and hear His voice
• How beliefs shape the way you live
• How a lifestyle of worship changes everything

According to Jeremiah 17, when we trust the Lord, we become a mighty tree rooted in the rivers of heaven that can withstand even the harshest conditions. We no longer have to rely on the world around us to provide us nourishment—we have been filled with Living Water, the very presence of God, enabling us to stay well-watered in every moment. Stop living a withered life. Tap into the streams of Heaven and start thriving!

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