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Cheap Psychological Tricks\"\" is a book that I stumbled across at a used book store, but one I am glad that I found. I love books that offer practical applications for psychological principles, and this book does not disappoint. This is the perfect example of a book that has had almost all of the fluff removed – each chapter gets right to the point and lasts only a two or three pages. If you enjoy psychology or are just looking for an entertaining look into human behavior, pick up this book. Not only does it offer cheap tricks, but the book itself is cheap too. Some of my favorites in the book are:

* Pull an All-Nighter: Foolproof formula to work through the night and make it through the next day. Great advice.

* Raise Your Test Scores – Without More Study: Excellent material in just a few paragraphs. One example – the longest answer in a multiple choice test is most often the right one.

* Condition Yourself: Pavlov is for more than pets after all. Great idea on how to improve natural remedies for almost any ailment or deficiency.

* What You Say Is What They Do: Great advice – your kids will spill less milk after you read this.

* The Power of Perspective: Fascinating and practical. Do you know what side of the room you should start a speech on?

* Why Not Ask Why?: The three words that will work much better then \”why?\”.

Highly Recommended\"\" as an entertaining read and an example of concise writing. If you are an author struggling with \”fluff\”, read this for a great example of how to include only the important things.

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