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Our global distribution works tightly with headline retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We also have relationships with choice retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Books-a-Million. While choice retailers choose which books they want to sell, we are happy to have an average of 70% of our books chosen. We also have our books in the Ingram catalog, which allows bookstores to order them and decide whether or not to carry a specific title. Our books are also available to 3rd party sellers, such as Booktopia. We get our books in shops based on our strong relationships and solid metadata.

Whether chosen by other sellers or not, our books are immediately distributed through our website, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Many publishers, from traditional to hybrid to self, believe that publishing stops once the book has been made. At Lucid Books, we believe that declaring a book published is only 1/3 of the job. The book has to be written, polished, and printed, of course, but it also has to be properly marketed and distributed.

That’s why we focus on search engine optimization and strong metadata for your book, ensuring that people can actually find it. Distribution doesn't work without the reader’s ability to easily search and access your work. While the majority of readers use Amazon and Barnes & Noble, we do our best to ensure that your book can be found through a variety of vendors.

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