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\"\"As someone who has grown up in the church, this book was both hilarious and cringe-worthy. Wilson skewers big church personalities, attendees, religion, and relationships with ease. I followed this book when Wilson was releasing it online a chapter at a time, and thought it was pretty good, but stopped reading it eventually. I am really glad I picked it up again and read it cover to cover.
I won’t say much about the plot because I don’t want to ruin it, but here are some reasons to read it:

* You will be offended in the right kind of way

* Its short, but full of great quotes

* One of the wittiest books (note: not just in the \”Christian Fiction\” category) that I have read. Wilson’s skill with the English language and his love of Wodehouse novels are evident.

* I rarely read Christian fiction because most of it is very poor. This book breaks the mold and is Christian in the best sense . . . its written with a love, passion, and attention that is sure to honor God.

* Great, great satire. If you grew up in the church, get this book. You will not find anything else like it, I promise.

Highly Recommended.

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