How to Write and Sell Simple Information – Review

This is a great book for anyone who wants to break into the “how to” writing business. The author goes into a number of different methods and mediums to accomplish these goals, all of which are helpful. After an overview of the “how to” process, the author tackles different formats and how to market them.

Some of the best tips include:

Titling your work
Steps to publish a book
E-zine tips
Marketing tips for authors
Research a book
Mindmapping outlines
Organizing materials

The one complaint I have about this book is the organization of the nuts and bolts information. Some of the really good advice is tucked away in chapters that some people may skip (like the dvd chapter). Would have preferred to have each chapter on different mediums narrower in focus. That way, you could skip the parts that you really did not have an interest in. As it is, you really need to read each chapter to glean all the great information contained within.

There are better books out there on writing, but if you want to integrate your books, ebooks, newsletters, podcasts, and more . . . this author has some great ideas and has had a lot of success doing it.