How We Help Share the Christian Faith

Here at Lucid Books, we help Christian writers build strong platforms for the messages that God has given them. We go beyond editing, marketing, and publishing your book. At Lucid Books, we offer thoughtful, faith-driven support to help you, your mission, and your faith flourish.

In addition to the support we give our faith-based authors, we provide tools that fit your needs. Whether you are a pastor looking to maximize the impact of your sermons, a fiction writer looking to share a work of inspirational imagination, or a writer with a big idea that you want to teach to the world, we provide experience and tools that will help you reach your target audiences and beyond.

From Sermon to Book

Like many pastors, you may wonder how you can make your sermons work harder for you. Typically, you work for months, sometimes years, to create a cohesive and instructional narrative that will bring your church into a closer relationship with Jesus. You teach it one Sunday at a time, and then poof! It is done . . . or is it? Using our Sermon-to-Book package, you can work with our team to transform your sermons into materials that instruct not only your church family, but others who are seeking the knowledge that you have so carefully prepared. We do more than put a binding on your sermon notes. We help you craft your sermons into an engaging manuscript that furthers your mission.

Ministry Tools

Church leaders, Bible study groups, a new couple looking to start a routine of study, and others—the list could go on. The church is hungry for relevant teaching, study guides, and Bible-based curriculum, and our churches are full of capable teachers who are ready to share. Lucid Books partners with you to help create much-needed resources and send them out to the church at-large. We want to help you ask the hard questions as you prepare to publish your teaching material: “Is this going to be helpful?” “How do I know whether this makes sense to anyone but me?” We are here to guide you and make sure that you are able to reach your audience with clarity and confidence.

Christian Living

Our world is always changing. It takes big ideas and thoughtful guidance to learn how to handle all the hurdles of an ever-changing and often tumultuous world. The Christian Living arm of Lucid Books Publishing helps you get those big ideas on paper and find readers. We guide you through the process of refining your ideas and reaching those who need to hear what you have to say. From marriage and relationships to managing a Godly budget, we help you craft your message to reach people.

Christian Fiction

Writing has always been a refuge for expression. We engage in new emotions and ideas while we travel, find romance, experience adventure, or problem solve. Our Christian Fiction services give you an outlet to tell a story that can give a deep, nuanced vision into the ideas that shape our faith and our lives. Lucid Books provides all the publishing tools you will need to go from writing your first word to your 10,000th sale. From finding your target audience to knowing when your book is ready to publish, we can help you navigate the harsh waters of writing and publishing your book.

We strive to make publishing a process that goes beyond merely putting a product on the market. Instead, we want to give you a space to grow—both in your writing and in your faith—alongside your readers. Our goal is to help authors, readers, churches, and others connect with what Christians are saying and what God is doing in the lives of those who believe in him.

If you are struggling with getting started or you just want to know what your next steps should be, reach out to our team at Lucid Books. We believe in your mission, and we want to help you grow your message.

If you’re ready to take the next steps to write your faith-based book, get our FREE Writing Tips Checklist to guide you through the essential steps to write your book. When you’re ready to move forward with your book idea or manuscript, connect with one of our writing coaches or editors!







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