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what not to do as a newbie writer

\"\"The first section of this book, Part One: Foundations, is page for page some of the best leadership writing that I have read. The principles that author lays out for a foundation of leadership are covered in less than 40 pages, but the content is very valuable. If you were to only read pages 29-73 and really implement this content, then this book will be one of the most important books you could read.
Part One deals with Power, Purpose, Passion, Priorities, & Pacing. Each short chapter has one actionable piece of advice, that if followed will create lasting changes. Kraft’s thoughts on developing a personal purpose statement and dealing with daily priorities are especially helpful.

As an avid reader, I love short books that get right to the point; that way I can read even more. But this book really feels like a long essay more than a true book. Parts Two & Three did offer some value, but not nearly as much compared to Part One. This book only clocks in at 150 pages, and even that feels stretched with the number of blank pages and the line spacing throughout. Would have liked to see this as either a much shorter work without the additional info, or see Parts Two & Three developed more fully with more actionable content like Part One.

All in all, this is an excellent book for any leader, especially those in the church. I will be using some of the principles laid out here in discipleship training and look forward to sharing what I have learned with them. Highly Recommended.

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