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As with distribution, many publishers don't consider what happens once the book is actually out there in the world. They get the book edited and printed and make it available to buyers. And that’s the end.

While we offer many options for printing and distributing, including short-run, long-run, and mid-run on a global scale, we also believe that this partnership only works if both sides are pushing to see this book become a success.

Alongside you, Lucid Books is a marketer of your book, shouting from the mountaintops that you have created a work to be read. Through our marketing tools, we offer to create quote cards, AI sheets, and book trailers that you can share. Our social media team and our IT team work with our publishing team so you can increase exposure.

We also rejuvenate old titles as necessary. For example, if your book is relevant to a specific holiday, it has the chance of being featured even ten years from now during that season. Unlike most publishers, we don't only focus on the front catalog. We are more than happy to showcase our work from any year, because we are proud of what our authors have accomplished and what we have created together.

While Lucid Books is a pro-author publisher, we acknowledge that if we aren't selling a book, Lucid and the author both risk that investment. The ultimate goal of marketing and PR is exposure. That’s why we work together with the right tools so we can both do our part to get your book out into the world..

3 Tiers

To adapt to the unique needs of your ministry, we’ve created 3 tiers within Sermon to Book.

sermon to book

Tier 1

In this tier, an experienced editor polishes the sermon transcriptions to adapt them for the written medium. To accomplish this, the editor smooths out the sentence structure, weaves in transitions, clarifies awkward or confusing sentences, and removes content unnecessary or confusing for the book’s audience. The editor also guides the pastor to help him write an effective introduction and conclusion and identifies areas where the pastor needs to clarify the content.

Recommended for pastors who:

  • Need a book specifically for their own church or for smaller groups

Tier 2

This tier uses the transcriptions as the foundation to build the content into a complete, professional, high-quality book. A skilled content editor creates a full review of the sermon transcripts, providing detailed recommendations for the content and structure so that the book can reach its full potential. The editor then provides feedback to the author’s completed manuscript, and polishes the wording and sentence structure of the book once the content is finalized.

Recommended for pastors who:

  • Need a well-crafted trade book for a wider audience
  • Have the time to write additional content themselves
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Tier 3

This tier also builds the content into a complete, professional, high-quality book, but the focus of Tier 3 is to maximize the pastor’s time. Our editor first creates detailed recommendations to bring the book to its full potential, then interviews the pastor to pull the content needed for the book. The editor then builds the pastor’s wording into a full book and polishes the wording and sentence structure of the book. Once the manuscript is complete, the pastor reviews the book to ensure communicates his vision exactly.

Recommended for pastors who:

  • Need a well-crafted trade book for a wider audience
  • Do not have the time to write additional content themselves

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