Mind Hacks – Review

what not to do as a newbie writer

Although there is not very much \”new\” information here, its great to have it all compiled in one book\"\". Each hack is one to five pages in length and includes lists of extra resources to explore further. As a result, the book goes beyond the pages and is an interactive reading experience. 

There is a lot of information here that you probably won’t care about and will never read, but it serves as a great reference to explore areas of interest.I particularly liked the chapters on facial recognition, detecting cheaters, and boosting memory power. I could have done without the chapters explaining optical illusions, aural illusions, and how to have an out of body experience.

In short, this is a very interesting read. You will definitely find something here\"\" that will interest you and likely improve how you use your brain. Recommended.

What ways can you add to your book? What about digital content, web updates, and online interactivity? How can you make your book more dynamic than just the words on a page?

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