Never Give Up on Your Talents

By: Sandra Wade

I wrote the book Forever Auburn more than 20 years ago. For months I typed relentlessly, being pulled into the lives of my characters…I became lost in time. I could hear them speak to me! I found myself waking at all hours, running to the computer to type, excited as I watched them grow and come to life through the pages. Months later, my characters finally achieved all I imagined for them. My heart was fulfilled. I felt incredible joy as I typed the last few lines.

Excited to publish, I began working on the next steps. But timing is not always how we desire it. In one hour, my life suddenly changed. My novel and the characters I came to know and love would have to be moved to the safe for a time far away. I suddenly found myself raising a grandchild, pursuing another dream that would give me a few years followed by a journey with chemo, radiation, and surgery… surviving cancer! These three journeys had become a priority in my life. Forever Auburn sat waiting patiently.

Giving up on something is not a virtue of mine. I continued writing devotionals for the glory of God, never forgetting the novel that had found a “safe harbor” in my safe. I was lead through a friend to contact Lucid Books to publish my devotionals, but felt a tug in my heart to inquire about the possibility of publishing my novel as well.

My advice to aspiring writers is to never give up on your talents. Writing is a beautiful avenue of expressing one’s self, bringing pleasure to others, and often adding wisdom. Should you feel lead to write, seek those with knowledge to guide and instruct you for the publishing of your work. Lucid Books has been a great advantage, and I have truly enjoyed working with them.

Forever Auburn will be available on Amazon later this month. I’m thrilled to share it with you!

Are you ready to get started with Lucid Books? We’re here to guide you and support you every step of the way. Learn more about our process here. Get a FREE copy of our Partnership Publishing Guide to learn more about whether partnership publishing is right for you.

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