Never Let Me Go – Review

what not to do as a newbie writer

Never Let Me Go\"\" is a great read that defies traditional genres. At its core, it is a complicated love story but it also takes place in a science fiction world. The world of Never Let Me Go is never explicitly explained, so the reader picks up bits and pieces as they read the book. This is one of the real strengths of this unique book, and a big part of the reason it is a compelling read.

From the first sentence, the author uses terms that aren’t explained right away. Some answers are filled in along the way, but even at the end there are many questions left. If you are looking for a good read\"\", it is highly recommended.

For authors, this book is an example of how to write a book in an untraditional manner. It would be a great exercise to read this book and rethink how you are presenting your story. How can your work defy the traditions of the genre? Does everything need to be explained immediately? Does your book have a good balance of subtle and direct elements?
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