New Authors: 4 Things to Expect From Your First Book

Are you a new writer who is about to publish your first book?

New authors often don’t know what to expect when they publish their first book. To help you clear up any misconceptions, we put together these tips on what to expect from your first book. Let’s get started.

  1. You Might Not Be Able To Quit Your Job

Working as a full-time writer is possible, but it also requires patience. Not many new authors are able to quit their jobs after writing only one book.

Before you obsess over how much a book writer makes, remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Even when you look at best-selling authors, they didn’t quit their jobs right away.

If you are seriously considering quitting your job to write, ask yourself if you’re ready to do it full-time? Does your success as a writer depend on you dedicating more time to write?

Give your first-book some time on the market before you say goodbye to your job.

  1. A Final Draft Is Not Always The Final

You finished writing your book, clicked print, and took it to the publisher. This is a big accomplishment, but it doesn’t mean the work is done.

The book still needs to go through the editor, who will have some suggestions, to say the least. You need to be prepared for the rounds of edits.

Your editor will make constructive suggestions that will tie the story together.

As a new writer, you might feel like they’re killing your precious creation, but this isn’t the case. Editors only want the story to achieve full potential.

Engage in an open dialogue with your editor to discuss what you’re uncomfortable cutting out.

  1. You Might Not Sell Thousands of Books

New and unknown writers don’t sell thousands of copies when their first book comes out. In fact, the average book sells about 500 copies (and many books sell well under this number). Even big-name writers struggled for years before making it big.

Don’t get discouraged if you’re not breaking the New York Times Best Seller List with your first book.

Remember that being a writer is a long-term career. The more books you publish, the better your writing will become-and your book sales will show.

  1. Your Career Is Just Getting Started

After you’re done celebrating your big book achievement, you need to think about your next step.

Your writing careers might not take off after only writing one book. If you’re serious about being a writer, you need to think about the next project.

Talk to your agent, editor, or publisher about the possibility of writing a second book. You might be able to switch publishers, depending on your contract.

This step is often only taken due to creative differences or the publisher is not interested in your second book.

Tips for New Authors Wrap Up

We hoped this article gave you an idea of what to expect as a new writer. Don’t forget to be patient and maintain a clear communication with your editor.

Are you a writer looking for more tips? Check out our blog.


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