Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl – Review

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This\"\" is a splash of ice-cold water on your face in the morning, a celebration of all that this life is meant to be. N.D. Wilson has written a wonderful book that shines a light on what true Christianity should be. It’s an apologetic for living life to the fullest, and it succeeds wildly. 

Read it and you will be refreshed. You will be reminded of true, Biblical beauty that is always there. Huge questions are tackled – the problem of evil, does Hell exist, are we just puppets? Every answer that the author gives is drenched in both Scripture and laughter.

This is one of the few books that I will read more than once. It will go up on my shelf for now, but the next time the Christian life veers towards the mundane, I’ll pick it up again to be reminded of the beauty of the Creator and the Creation. I have been a fan of the author’s father for a long time, and now I look forward to N.D. Wilson’s next book as much as Douglas Wilson’s next. Don’t just read this book\"\", savor it, enjoy it, devour it. Highly Recommended.

What is your favorite book about Creation? What books do you go back to more than once? What book would you recommend first to a someone who is \”stuck\”?

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