Confessions: Finding Hope through One Pastor’s Doubt

by Steve Hinton

“Well, this sucks!

I know, preachers aren’t supposed to talk that way. But from time to time, churchy words just don’t seem to convey what’s truly going on in the soul.” Through humor and real-life stories of pain, Steve Hinton looks honestly at tough questions about God, self, and life. While some of these questions might seem shocking coming from a preacher, they are the questions that many of us ask late at night when the lights are out.

Confessions is a book for:

  • Those who have honest doubts about God’s goodness and love
  • Those seeking to know their true identity in a world of mixed messages about humanity, God, and themselves
  • Those who have faced years of unanswered prayer
  • Those trying to make sense of a broken life and feelings of an absent God

It is Steve’s desire that by walking through these pages, you will discover the love of Christ at a deeper level. Come along on the journey of Confessions and uncover a renewed hope for your life.


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