Daddy Devos Today

by John Michiele

“Some things can be ignored and there are others that simply demand our attention. This book is the result of one of those things that arose out of an unignorable circumstance.”

Have you ever struggled with how to be the spiritual leader of your house? Would you like the respect of your family, especially of your kids? Want to make yourself sexier to your spouse? Want an easy way to have a more consistent “devotional” life? How about simply beginning a “devotional” life? Maybe you want a more intimate time with the Lord?

Discouraged with Bible reading programs? Would you like an easy way to apply what you’re reading? How about a quick, easy way to encourage your family and friends spiritually, on a daily basis? Then look no further, take this manual home, you will never ever regret it, and your family and friends will be forever grateful.

daddy devos today

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