by Jared Polak

Yesterday, he was a confident senior manager.

Now he’s a hopeless man, but about to begin an incredible adventure. Join Mark Davis on an unbelievable expedition that will help you uncover the principles for living an intentionally balanced life. Learn what it takes to create an entrepreneurial attitude through a community of individuals modeling that lifestyle and pouring their wisdom into Mark. He makes a crucial decision that will forever change his life. What will you decide?

Your journey through this book will reveal the following:

  1. How to escape the endless cycle of “busyness”
  2. What to do after facing your own mortality
  3. What it takes to make an entrepreneurial leap of faith
  4. The key elements to living out extraordinary relationships
  5. How to go from wanting life balance to making it happen

Jared has helped thousands of professional leaders generate more income while maintaining a balanced life. He leads a business and life coaching company, and through countless hours has developed the principles laid out in this book. He is an active international philanthropist and has served others in many different countries. He resides in Houston, Texas with his equally entrepreneurial and philanthropic wife, Amy.


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