Headed Home

by Glenn Wilson & Darrell Halk

Glenn Wilson believed from the time he was young that he was destined to be a pro athlete. His journey from lightly recruited high school student-athlete to first-round draft pick of the Detroit Tigers in 1980 was the script that many only dream about becoming reality. Glenn achieved his goal, playing ten seasons in Major League Baseball, including making the National League All-Star team in 1985. Injuries and disappointment shortened Glenn’s career, and when investments soured causing business ventures to fail, he found himself living in pain and misery.

In that pain, he went in search of fulfillment and on that journey Glenn came to know what it meant to truly have a relationship with God.

Headed Home takes you on this journey from childhood to athlete to a broken man finding the hope of knowing Jesus Christ. When Glenn experienced the grace of Christ, his life would never be the same. This book brings us the hope that God has a plan for all of us and that he longs to change our lives.

Headed Home is a tumultuous ride through the world of Major League Baseball. Glenn Wilson was an All Star, but he didn’t really find his personal home plate until long after his last at bat. Glenn was always a funny, life-of-the-party type guy, but this book is more likely to produce the sweet sorrow of a tear.”

— Larry Dierker Former player and manager Houston Astros

“Glenn Wilson has bared his soul for all to read in Headed Home. His life as a baseball player has been well known, especially in the Houston area. But he has been willing to open up about his life off the field as well, giving us perspective on how many changes a person can undergo with God’s guidance. From his relationships with his older brother, Johnie Jr., to his experiences with his coaches and managers, Glenn’s honesty shines through. He leaves a powerful message for all to take from this book.”

— Bill Brown Announcer of Houston Astros Member of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame

headed home

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