Love Is Something You Do

by John R. Bisagno


Moonlight and roses have a way of turning into dishpans and diapers. Our society and the media have been telling us that love is just a feeling. The reality is that it is so much more in light of God’s grace. This book is your guide to discovering that Love Is Something You Do.

This 35th Anniversary Edition of Love is Something You Do has been revised and expanded with 12 new chapters.


  • How to fall in love with your spouse again
  • God’s plan for sex between husband and wife
  • Getting the most out of your marriage
  • What to do after the affair
  • The Incompatability Myth

Love Is Something You Do will change the face of marriage in America. This book should be in every library and tucked away in the heart of every marriage.”
— Dr. Tim Clinton, President, American Association of Christian Counselors

“Martin Luther said “A man can become more like Christ in a marriage than in a monastery.” How true. Marriage chisels us in the image of Jesus with every decision of faithfulness and commitment. This book will help to shape you and your spouse. Let Dr. Bisagno speak from the heart of a faithful husband and effective pastor to guide your marriage to be all that God desires.”
— Pastor Gregg Matte, Pastor, Houston’s First Baptist Church

“Once again John Bisagno has captured the heart and imagination of his readers. In this clear concise writing, John makes a case for love as a verb.Love is Something You Do stimulates the heart, motivates the mind, and saturates the soul with helpful, holy hints.”
— Ralph Douglas West, Pastor, The Church Without Walls

“I had the joy of being under John Bisagno’s leadership for 25 years as he served as pastor of our church in Houston. I love and respect him and Uldine, the love of his life, so much. ”
— Beth Moore, Author, Living Proof Ministries

love is something you do

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