Only God

by Edward Paz

We forget. We minimize. We ignore.

On most days, we neglect to reflect on and express gratitude for the miracles God has allowed us to be part of. In doing so, not only do we fail to remember what God has done, but we also miss out on the opportunity to be more convinced of who God is.

In Only God, Pastor Edward Paz will open your eyes to 30 unique attributes of God through the refreshingly inspiring retelling of 30 incredible miracles he experienced as he went from being an over-ambitious college dropout to planting a gospel-proclaiming, disciple-making church in the city of Oakland, California.

By the end of Only God
– Your confidence in the character of God will be strengthened.
– Your hope in the potential of the local church will be revived.
– Your conviction to recount your “only God” experiences will be deepened.

If you are a church planter, serve on a church-planting team, or attend a church-planting church, this book is especially for you. Through the turmoil and triumphs of Edward’s church-planting journey, you will be encouraged to persevere in your church-planting work as well.

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