Soul Purpose Inc.: The Practical Guide to Living Your Faith at Work

by Craig McAndrews

Most people spend the largest portion of their day at work. However, despite our commitment to our jobs, many people are disengaged and searching for more. Add to this struggle the constant pressure to keep your faith out of the office, and you have a formula for Christian confusion and complacency related to work. In this practical guide to living your faith at work, author Craig McAndrews shares valuable insights and lessons from his own experience as a Christian in the workplace. Through personal stories and biblical truths, this book will challenge you, encourage you, and equip you to activate your faith Monday through Friday.

You will learn important principles such as:

  • The importance of showing your faith before sharing your faith
  • How to lead with love and open your heart to see people in a new way
  • The big step to having courageous conversations and how the Bible teaches us to share our hope
  • How to boldly bring your faith to work

The workplace is under tremendous pressure, and more people than ever are looking for purpose and meaning in what they do. The Christian faith has the answer, and this book offers the reader practical, specific ways to more fully live your faith where you work.


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