The Rule of 52

by Tom Barnette

Knowing God’s will and applying God’s will are two different things. The Rule of 52 does not help you help yourself; it directs you to the Will of God for your life. You cannot travel in the wrong direction and get to the right place. Understanding and applying the simple guiding principle in The Rule of 52 will lead to success in life, business, and your family. The Rule of 52 is what you need to apply a successful enduring directional life change today! It’s your journey to success! Why not get started?

“Tom Barnette has been a regular contributor to a live broadcast called “Vital Issues in the Christian Home” on KHCB Radio for many years. He is insightful, understanding, forthright, and genuinely interested in helping people solve issues with themselves or the various inter-personal problems that occur in life today. His knowledge of the Bible enhances his ability to take what Scripture teaches and apply it practically to one’s life. We appreciate his ministry and desire to encourage others.”

— Bruce Munsterman, President of the KHCB Radio Network

the rule of 52

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