Read This Before Our Next Meeting – Review

Read This Before Our Next Meeting reads like a dozen expresso shots being added to your morning coffee. The author definitely takes his own advice and does not waste the reader’s time with chitchat or useless information, and I will try and do the same. 

1: The Modern Meeting supports a decision that has already been made. Make the decision to buy this book, just use this review to help you figure out why.

2: The Modern Meeting starts on time, moves fast, and ends on schedule. T-minus 480 words left . . .

3: The Modern Meeting limits the number of attendees. Buy it if you have meetings (business, church, charity, school, etc). Don’t buy it if you don’t (but you should – go participate).

4: The Modern Meeting rejects the unprepared. Buy it, or download it for free on Kindle in the next 7 days. It will give you the nuts and bolts, its up to you to actually do the work.

5: The Modern Meeting produces committed action plans. Buy it, its cheap. Then read it.

6: The Modern Meeting refuses to be informational.

7: The Modern Meeting works only alongside a culture of brainstorming. Keep meetings short, but add creativity boosting sessions to your work schedule. Concise, but really good, information on brainstorming.

Highly Recommended, go buy it. Meeting adjourned.