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what not to do as a newbie writer

Social Media Analytics\"\" is a book that will introduce readers to many of the best social media analysis tools and firms that are out there. The author does a great job of explaining what a business really needs to measure and then gives plenty of information on how to get there. 

Chapter 5 was my personal favorite – Friends, Fans, and Followers: Determining Their Worth. One of the hardest things for me to get my head around when it comes to social media is how valuable it really is to have a fan on Facebook, if at all. This chapter helps you answer those questions in concrete ways backed up with real data. Very helpful for anyone who wants to achieve measurable results rather than shoot in the dark until they finally hit something.


* Very informative, great source to find more information on every topic

* Uses real data to back up what is still thought of as art more than science

* Case studies were helpful


* Some of the company profiles are too long, a couple of them read like a commercial at points

* Would have liked more \”how to do this\” type of information

All in all, this book\"\" is recommended for anyone with a business that wants to really measure their social media results. Makes a great companion to Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas.

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