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Surviving C47 is our newest publication and we are already seeing a great response to it. As the subtitle says, it is a story of faith, hope, and a girl named Brooklyn. The author’s honesty and hope comes through in these pages and it has received great reviews. 

Even though this book has just been released, it has already been one of the top 250 books selling on Barnes and Noble according to their sales ranking. Check it out on Barnes and Noble here or buy it on Kindle here. It will also be available in paperback on Amazon soon.

Rather than give a summary of the book, here is what one reviewer on Barnes & Noble said:

Lindsey Hales, the sweet, witty & honest mother of baby Brooklyn, recalls every moment of her daughters journey into this world and the immediate medical challenges she was faced with. Everyday Brooklyn just needed to survive. Uncertainty, doubt and anger would fill most mothers hearts but Lindsey’s was filled with hope from God that he made her little girl and he would heal her. And that is just what he did.

You will laugh, you will cry, your life will be put into perspective.

Buy Surviving C47 Here.

Disclaimer: Lucid Books Spotlight features books published by our publishing company, Lucid Books.

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