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Tactics is a great book on an apologetic approach that you will actually use. Gregory Koukl has done a great job outlining a plan that is easy to use and very effective.
Most apologetic books outline arguments that you commonly run into, but very little is said about style and presentation. This book takes the opposite approach and focuses on style and asking questions rather than detailed arguments. The approach is perfect for today’s world, where the \”Hand Out Tons of Tracts\” and the \”Beat People With The Bible\” philosophies of old have ceased to work. 
Some of the things I really appreciated about this work includes the personal anecdotes and the care that the author takes to exhort the reader to present himself well. Very well thought out book and highly recommended to any Christian, especially pastors, evangelists, and small group leaders. 
On a side note, this book is also an excellent approach on dealing with fellow Christians when discussing secondary (or tertiary) doctrine issues. Would be very helpful for anyone engaged in this type of argument to heed the advice in this book.
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