The Human Factor by Graham Greene

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Graham Greene, an author who focused on contemporary political and moral issues of his day, was raised Catholic and each of his novels have Christian themes woven throughout. His realistic prose highlights the battle against evil in each man, and The Human Factor is one of his best works.

Maurice Castle, the protagonist of the story, is a conflicted spy. He goes to work each day, pushes papers at the office, and comes home to a loving family each night. The book focuses on family, patriotism, and race, but still has all of the great elements of a spy novel. In fact, many think that it is the greatest spy novel ever written.

This book will provoke you to think about things in ways that only fiction can do. Race, apartheid, loyalty, family, religion, Africa, and many other subjects are turned inside out in the space of just a few chapters. The Human Factor\"\" is an espionage novel that will grip you from the first few pages and one you will think about long after you have turned the last page. I highly recommend it.

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