The Naked Presenter – Review

what not to do as a newbie writer

This a great book, the first I have read by Garr Reynolds. It cuts right to the chase and has some great advice throughout the book. You can probably find 90% of the advice in this book in other works, but this book is laid out so well that it really stands out from the rest. It is a beautiful full color book that really practices what it preaches. By the end, you feel like you just sat through an engaging, creative presentation on how to present well.

Some of the things that really helped me include:

Simplify. Your presentations are too long, cut them down.

Use graphics for your visuals as much as possible, not text. Never just read a slide.

Two things to start with: 1. What’s your point? 2. Why does it matter?

Connect emotionally, don’t perform a data dump.

One of things I really liked about this book were the two page interviews throughout with other great presenters. Very helpful advice.

Other people who have reviewed this work say that this book is more for the advanced presenters, but I disagree. As someone who rarely speaks in front of people in a formal setting, I found a ton of useful information. I would not make it my only recommendation for a new presenter, but its certainly on the list. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned presenter, get this book.

If you are a beginner, I also recommend: The Exceptional Presenter: A Proven Formula to Open Up and Own the Room

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