The Silver Chair – Review

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This book, the fourth in the Narnia series, is a great read that focuses on two themes: spiritual warfare and following Christ. This is the first book where none of the original children come back to Narnia, though their cousin Eustace Scrubb is the main character, along with schoolmate Jill. They are transported back to Narnia and quickly receive instructions from Aslan and set out on their journey. 

\”Following the Signs\” is a phrase that is often repeated throughout their journey. The children fail to follow through on the first couple of instructions, but still proceed forward. Jill tries to recall the words of Aslan each night so she won’t forget Aslan’s instruction. Even for children, the metaphors here are obvious. Memorize scripture and follow Christ – even though you will fail at many things, always follow His instructions. 

The other theme of the book centers on spiritual warfare, especially with regard to pride. The children journey to an underground kingdom, where Prince Rillian is enslaved by a witch. He has been enchanted for so long that he only gets a fleeting glimpse of his former life for one hour each night. When he is finally freed, he realizes that he has been living a lie and denying the truth of his real life as a King of Narnia. 

This is one of my two favorites so far in the Narnia series. Lewis uses large themes in this book and follows them all they way through to the end. The Silver Chair is an excellent addition to the Narnia series and great for all ages. 

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