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There have been a lot of abridged Bibles, but this\"\" is one of the best. In just under 500 pages, the editors cover many, if not all, of the major points in scripture. It is easily accessible for any reader and would be a great companion to a a study Bible. One of the aspects of scripture that many struggle with is seeing how all of the pieces fit together. This book makes it easy, and Scripture will come alive and make sense as you read the Word of God and see how it unfolds. This should not be the only Bible you have, but its a great one to have on hand. The three largest benefits are: 

Abridged. Reads very fast, easy to see how Scripture fits together.

Chronological. Follow the story of the Bible in chronological order and reading a traditional Bible will make more sense. You can see how the stories fit together and where the pieces fit.

Scriptural. Though this Bible has been abridged and rearranged, it has not been paraphrased. It uses the actual text from the NIV.

Highly recommended.\"\"

Also: For a study Bible, I like The ESV Study Bible\"\" the best.

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