The Successful Marketing Plan – Book Review

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If you own a mid-sized company, I can’t imagine that there is a better book out there for you to plan your marketing by. This is a massive tome that covers all aspects of marketing, from building a brand to market position to advertising. Its a book that you probably won’t read straight through, but that could be a valuable reference for your company.

As solid as the advice in this book is, it has one major drawback: its overwhelming size. This book would not be helpful for a smaller business where the marketing team is just one person. And it probably won’t help huge companies with dedicated marketing arms. But, if you are looking for a plan to take your mid-sized company forward then this may be the perfect book.

Some of the things that I really like about this book include:

* Tons of visuals. Helps make the massive amount of material more digestible.

* Case studies. Proven companies tell their tales to support the marketing principles.

* Table of Contents, Index. Very well done contents and index make this a valuable reference source for your business library.

All in all, a very helpful marketing text. Recommended.

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