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This is one of my top ten books, period. It’s a book that is hard to describe, because I don’t know of anything else like it out there. Essentially, it is a book that boils the art of creativity down into exercises that anyone can use to fuel their own creativity.
To take a subject that is so high-concept and write a book with concrete tools that anyone can use is not easy. Michalko has written a book that will change the way you think, no matter what walk of life you come from. You will be smarter after reading and implementing this book, even if you just use one or two of the more than 40 tools he gives for creative thinking.
I’ve owned this book for a couple of years and am still not all the way through it, mainly because after each chapter there is so much information to digest and work on. Just using the very first technique in the book I was able to quickly come up with hundreds of ideas; ideas that never would have crossed my mind without this book.
To put it as simply as possible . . .  Buy It.
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