We are looking to traditionally publish 3 books in 2015. This means that we will cover all expenses for the publishing process. The difference from other companies is that we will only maintain rights for your work until we recoup the initial (agreed upon) costs of publishing your work! Are you ready to publish your book to the masses? Let’s get started! Fill out the brief form below and we will get started!

Design Form

  • Design Info

    The following questions are crafted to help us better understand your personal style and what you are looking for in a book cover design. Please be as thorough and descriptive in your answers as possible so that we can better capture your vision.

  • Please select the styles you most connect with.
  • Do you have some colors you would like to incorporate in the cover design? Let us know below!
  • Select the font styles you feel would best fit the cover design.
  • Back Cover

  • Please give a description of your book 175 words or less. This summary will be used on the back cover and by Lucid Books to help create the descriptions for book catalogs, Amazon, etc.