What Every Body Is Saying – Review

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What Every Body Is Saying\"\" is an excellent primer for learning about body language. I was not interested in body language at all until I saw the television show Lie to Me: Season One\"\". After seeing all of the different ways that body language can be read, I wanted to get a few books on facial expressions and body language. This is the first on body language that I have read and it is a good introduction. Even though it is a short read and written on the popular level, I can already read others much better than before. More importantly, I am more aware of my own body language and what I am communicating with it. 
After reading this, I am convinced that everyone should read at least one book on body language. Even if you only use a small fraction of what this book teaches, it will help improve many areas of your life. The photos throughout the book are very well done and help communicate the points effectively. The two negatives that I would point out in this book are the emphasis on law enforcement body language reading and the author’s tendency to drag in some chapters. Would have been a better book with less text and more pictures. Recommended for everyone.

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