Why Your Platform Must Be Built with Content

Why Your Platform Must Be Built with Content


It possesses a God-like characteristic in its presence.

Whether we’re at home or work, in a car, flying in a plane, riding on a boat or on our phone, tablet, or laptop, we live in a sea of communication.

It’s everywhere we turn.

It’s everywhere we look.

And we cannot escape its reach unless we travel to a remote part of the world without access to the Internet, television, or radio.

We are bombarded daily with a slew of messages. The amount of information we swim through every minute is staggering. Every minute, Internet users:

  • Send 204 million emails
  • Upload 72 hours of new video to YouTube
  • Share 2.46 million pieces of content on Facebook
  • Tweet 277,000 times on Twitter

This amount of information presents a daunting task for authors who are in the process of building a platform. Breaking through this noise can feel like offering someone a glass of water after they finished taking a drink from a fire hose.

But here’s the great thing.

You can rise above the noise, cut through the clutter, and connect with your audience.


You can build an audience of people “who will rely on you for information, advice, and help, and will seek out your expertise” with nothing more than a blog. Individuals, nonprofit organizations, and even start-up companies have developed highly engaged audiences who have placed them in a position to launch a career, further a cause, or establish a profitable company.

But, in order to grasp what I’m saying, you have to first understand how today’s media-rich environment has forever changed the way we obtain information and make purchase decisions.

People’s Insatiable Appetite for Content

The Internet has flipped the business world on its head.

The proliferation of information has taken the old marketing funnel, grabbed it by the neck, and turned it upside down.

Historically, individuals and organizations predominantly found customers. Today, customers, who are your readers, will predominately find you. And they do this through online searches, polling their friends on social media, and browsing websites.


So, you’re probably thinking, “What does this have to do with me?”

Well, that’s an easy question to answer: “Everything.”

You see, people are online foraging for information. They’re hungry. And they’re searching for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

This is why your platform must be built with content today. And not just any content, but content that will answer your target audience’s questions, solve their problems, and make their life more enjoyable.

Building your platform with content will not only help you project your message to people but more importantly, it will help people find your message.

Making this Work for You

Over the next few weeks, I will explore practical strategies that will help you build your platform with content. 

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