3 Tips For Speed Reading

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Speed reading can change the way you research, evaluate, and how you read for pleasure. Contrary to popular belief, comprehension increases when you read faster. I read How To Read a Book\"\"\"\" a few years ago, and there are a few tips in that book that have stuck with me and helped me to read faster.

1. Don’t focus on the lines of words, but the white space between the lines.

2. Don’t focus on each word. Try using just two focal points, one near the beginning of each line and one near the end. You will be surprised how easy it is to read this way.

3. Force yourself to read faster. Use your finger to follow the words as you read them, and gradually increase the speed that you move your finger until you cannot keep up. Continue reading until your eyes learn to keep up with your finger.

Bonus Tip: Do not read non-fiction like you read fiction. If you don’t use different reading techniques for different genres, I can promise that you are missing out. Pick up How To Read A Book\"\" for some great information on reading different genres.

Bonus Tip 2: Go to www.readingsoft.com and take a free speed reading test. I have never used their software, but you should be able to rank yourself here and see what you can improve.

How many words a minute do you read? I am at 412 words per minute on the computer test with 91% comprehension. Feels a little harder to read on a screen like this than the words on a page. What speed are you at? Have any other tips to share that have helped increase your speed?

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