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Taking Anger Seriously

- A Divine Answer for Human Anger Participant Workbook
 Format: Paperback  Author: George Quin  Category: Christian Living  Published: March 19, 2024  ISBN: 9781632966544  Pages: 86  Buy on Amazon

Taking Anger Seriously is a comprehensive study on anger from God’s perspective. He is the authority. His wise counsel is vital for everyone, and He is able to help those with habitual and extreme anger.

God’s counsel is demonstrated throughout the book and video series and then applied through this practical application Workbook. Worksheet questions from each chapter reinforce the critical truths you will learn, followed by a devotional section designed to cultivate your relationship with God. As you experience His elite wisdom, His unparalleled grace, and incomparable love, He will produce the personal initiative and disciplines required for you to effectively deal with your emotional state, no matter how severe.

Take your anger seriously. Aim High! Make the most of this study and let God revolutionize your heart.

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