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Taking Anger Seriously

- A Divine Answer for Human Anger (An Expanded & Updated Bible Study)
 Format: Hardcover, Paperback  Author: George Quin  Category: Christian Living  Published: March 19, 2024  ISBN: 9781632966575  Pages: 406  Buy on Amazon  Barnes & Noble

When God created Man and Woman in His likeness, He gave them wonderful personalities with powerful intellect and rich emotional responses to life. Those attributes originate from the Divine Personality. When they are held within the reigns of God’s loving, omniscient leadership, they serve us wonderfully. But we have strayed, and those celebrated gifts have grown confused, unruly, and loathsome. God is the high authority, and His wise counsel is vital for everyone. He loves us, He understands our anger. He yearns to help us and speaks many wonderful and powerful truths that transform the heart. Taking Anger Seriously is revolutionary and will challenge your soul with a refreshing view of God’s merciful and loving nature. His grace fits your human need and will enable you to use His strong character to control your unruly anger. Come! Journey into the high adventure of God’s elite wisdom, His unparalleled grace, and incomparable love.

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