Building Blocks For Writers

Books published this year will swell to over one million, yet there are still many would-be writers who are stuck at just an idea. Writers write, but the prospect of producing a book can be overwhelming if you try to do it all at once. Aspiring writers should concentrate on the basics and build from there, one word at a time. Here are some basic building blocks to help get you started.

Tools for Writing:

Writers must first fill their toolbox if they want to write a book worth reading. Read books about grammar and words and how to write short stories. Here are a few of my favorites in this category:

: The best overall book on writing that I have read. Will help you immensely, and point you in the right direction so you can improve your weaker areas.

 – 50 simple writing tools to help authors accomplish small goals.

 – Great book with unique, forgotten words. Great if you love language.

 – If you ever wanted to learn about the history of the English language, this is a good read.

Structure and Form:

Once you have the basic building blocks in place, you will have to refine your work. Reading books on style and form will help immensely. Writers skip this step all too often and leave it up to the editors to do the refining work. Don’t make the same mistake. Once you learn how to edit and improve your own work there is no limit to how great of a writer you can be.

– Classic, always one of my first recommendations

 – Editing your own book, clearly explained

 – Very good as well.

The Joy of Writing:

Writers need to be encouraged often because writing is really hard work. Reading writing memoirs will help you push through and finish that book. Commiserating with fellow writers, even if it is just on the page, can be very rewarding.

 – Top recommendation, great to read while you are in the writing process.

 – Stephen King is one of the most prolific writers of our time, and he gives some excellent advice here.

 – Short, but thought-provoking.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the writing process – break it down and build slowly. If you can buy and read just three books on writing, get

, , and . Which books have helped you in the writing process?