Creative Children’s Book Topic Ideas

Writing creative children’s books helps add color to life and understandability for youngsters as they learn how to navigate the twists and turns of their childhood years. Whether it’s topics on bullying to teach about kindness and empathy, or adventures in nature with valuable lessons about life happening all around us, children’s books can have a significant impact on young minds as they grow and develop through their most impressionable years.

Coming Up With Children’s Book Topics Can Be Challenging

As a new or even experienced children’s author, coming up with ideas for creating a book can be challenging. When you write a book geared for kids, you have to get creative and engage their imagination and emotions. One simple approach is to start by brainstorming ideas from topics most likely to appeal to kids. Specifically, think about what they care about most. Interview parents you know. Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and open an investigation. Be genuinely curious. Find out heroes they admire, animals they find fascinating, and shows they actively react and respond to (not just passively watch). Begin with “what” and “how” before trying to get into the mind of a child with “why.” Imagination begets imagination. Untether yours from the shores of reality and explore!

Here are some inspiration catalysts to play with:

  • What if animals could talk?
    • What would they say?
    • How would they sound?
  • How would life be different if there was no color?
    • Would we see the world around us differently?
    • How would our other senses adapt to experience life?
  • What do things look like when they’re upside down?
    • How would our perspective on life change if we looked at things differently?
  • What are some life lessons we can learn from unlikely heroes?
  • What if dogs wore clothes?
  • What could the future look like in a few decades?
  • What if there was no nighttime?
    • How would we live differently than we do now?
  • Is there anything in your house that connects to a story from someone in the family?
  • What do you think could be a “quest” in your classroom?What would your morning look like if you woke up on a ship in space?
    • Why do you think you’re there?
    • Is anyone else with you?
    • Do you have a laboratory?
    • Do you have to go to school?

As you can see, the world of children’s books is a vast one filled with adventurous topics, themes, and genres ranging from real-life to imaginary, and everything in between. That’s why here at Lucid Books, we remain committed to partnering with authors like you looking to publish children’s books with engaging narratives written to spark the imagination of our youngest generation of readers.

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