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A Forever Family for Antonio

- A Gospel Adoption Journey
 Format: Hardcover, Paperback  Author: Chris Chavez  Category: Children's  Published: September 13, 2017  ISBN: 1632961512  Pages: 28  Illustrator: Michael Brown  Buy on Amazon

“A Forever Family for Antonio” is a beautifully written, wonderfully illustrated book about adoption through the lens of the gospel. This gospel lens allows Antonio’s adoption journey to unfold while creatively maintaining God as the center of the story. The combination of the writing and imaginative illustrations gives any parent a foundation to navigate the complex nature of adoption, specifically adoption from the foster care system.

Although written with pre-school aged children in mind, this can easily be a conversation starter for older children as well. The goal of the book is to introduce that the root cause of the need for adoption is sin and point to the hope found in God: the hope in His power over sin, His sovereignty, and the gospel. All of this is done with fun illustrations and a story any parent can have fun reading to their child.

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