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The Family Discipleship Bible: Old Testament

 Format: Hardcover, Paperback  Author: Chris Chavez  Category: Children's  Published: October 10, 2019  ISBN: 1-63296-401-5  Pages: 244  Buy on Amazon

“The Family Discipleship Bible: Old Testament” will help families like yours disciple their children—whether you are a single parent, blended family, new believer, or a mature, two-parent family. This book incorporates 34 thoughtfully-written, wonderfully-illustrated stories, with each story weaving in questions and answers that teach key truths from the Bible. Each section can be used alongside the other sections or by itself. 3 Bible Sound Offs (Catechisms) will fill your child with sound, biblical truth. “The Family Discipleship Bible” also contains a collection of 50 verses turned into blessings any parent can pray over their children, along with simple Old Testament book summaries, a family dictionary, and more. Whether you have a newborn or a high school student, this book will enrich the spiritual life of your family.

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