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The Family Discipleship Bible: New Testament

 Format: Hardcover, Paperback  Author: Chris Chavez  Category: Children's  Published: April 8, 2019  ISBN: 1-63296-278-0  Pages: 216  Illustrator: Mike Brown  Buy on Amazon

“The Family Discipleship Bible” will help families like yours disciple their children—whether you are a single parent, blended family, new believer, or a mature, two-parent family. This book incorporates 27 thoughtfully-written, wonderfully-illustrated stories from the New Testament, with each story weaving in questions and answers that teach key truths from the Bible. Each section can be used alongside the other sections or by itself. 3 Bible Sound Offs (Catechisms) will fill your child with sound, biblical truth. “The Family Discipleship Bible: New Testament” also contains a collection of 50 verses turned into blessings any parent can pray over their children, along with a family dictionary, and more. Whether you have a newborn or a high school student, this book will enrich the spiritual life of your family. Stay tuned for additional blessings and Bible stories with “The Family Discipleship Bible: Old Testament” to be released later this year!

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