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Bum Phillips

- Coach, Cowboy, Christian
 Format: Paperback  Author: Bum Phillips  Category: Life  Published: August 10, 2010  ISBN: 978-1-935909-02-6  Pages: 306  Buy on Amazon

Bum Phillips became head coach of the National Football League’s Houston Oilers in 1975. He retired from the league 10 years later as one of its most colorful characters of all time. While fans of Luv Ya Blue remember Phillips for his cowboy hat and boots, for his down-home Texas yarns, most people don't know he survived deadly battles during World War II, stumbled almost accidentally into football and later gave his life, during a trip to prison, to Jesus Christ. The book chronicles his transformation from a beer-drinking cowboy, U.S. Marine and football coach to a devoted son of God.

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