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The Tale of the Coffee Bean Bandit

 Format: Hardcover, Paperback  Author: Daniel Davis  Category: Children's  Published: November 23, 2021  ISBN: 978-1-63296-497-7  Pages: 30  Illustrator: Sarah Hall  Buy on Amazon

You may have heard a fantastic tale of Jack and his beanstalk grown from magical beans. And you may be sure that such beans do not exist.

Well, children, listen closely… There is a magic bean that your parents know all about. They are probably in your house at this very minute. You may have smelled them brewing in the mornings. These magic beans calm grown-ups when they’re grumpy. They wake them when they’re sleepy. These clever adults use all manner of gadgetry and funnels and pipes and drips and steam to extract the mysterious “coffee” bean’s magical properties.

But what happens when a child eats these enchanted legumes? What might it do to a smaller person?

Ben just has to find out.

This book is a tale of a boy who discovers this magical bean. It is a stimulating tale of jittery wonder. It is a cautionary tale of a boy who cannot quite explain why he cannot quite go to sleep.

For you, children, it is a tale of what might happen if you stumble upon these magical “coffee” beans. So please settle in and listen to the Tale of the Coffee Bean Bandit.

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