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Mnemonics are simple ways to make memorization easier. Rote memorization is the standard in today’s educational system, but for more than 2,000 years the art of memorization was defined by mnemonics. There has recently been a new interest in memory systems, thanks in part to the bestselling book Moonwalking With Einstein.
I recently read another book about memory that brings back some old school mnemonic tricks for a variety of subjects.[amazon_link id=\”0762109173\” target=\”_blank\” ] I Before E (Except After C)[/amazon_link] is a great read, and I highly recommend picking it up. I have highlighted some of the mnemonics that may be useful for authors specifically below.

The Parts of Speech Poem

A NOUN’S the name of any thing;
As, school or garden, hoop, or swing.

ADJECTIVES tell the kind of noun;
As, great, small pretty, white, or brown.

Three of the words we often see
Called ARTICLES – a, an, and the.

Instead of nouns the PRONOUNS stand;
John’s head, his face, my arm, your hand.

VERBS tell of something being done;
As, read write, spell, sing, jump, or run.

How things are done the ADVERBS tell;
As, slowly, quickly, ill, or well.

They also tell us where and when;
As, here, and there, and now, and then.

A PREPOSITION stands before
A NOUN; as, in, or through, a door.

CONJUNCTIONS sentences unite;
As, kittens scratch and puppies bite.

The INTERJECTION cries out, \”Hark!
I need an exclamation mark!\”



For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So

The Main Elements Of Storytelling

Very Many Pupils Come To School


I Before . . .

i before e, except after c
Or when sounding like a
As in neighbor and weigh
Drop this rule when -c sounds as -sh 

Affect or Effect?


Remember: Affect Verb, Effect Noun

BONUS: The Ten Commandments

Ever wanted to memorize the Ten Commandments in order? Here is a very easy way to do it, and you only have to remember one sentence.

One idle darn Sunday, Dad killed the cheating thief and lied to cover it.

One God.

No Idols.

Don’t Take The Lord’s Name In Vain.

Keep the Sabbath.

Honor Your Father and Mother.

Don’t Kill.

Don’t Commit Adultery.

Don’t Steal.

Don’t Bear False Witness.

Don’t Covet.

[amazon_link id=\”0762109173\” target=\”_blank\” ]I Before E (Except After C) [/amazon_link]includes many more mnemonic tricks. Whether you are an author, a homeschooler, or just interested in memory, you will find something to help you. What tricks do you use when you are writing? What is handy to have memorized at all times?


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