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How to Study the Bible

- A Straightforward Guide to Understanding the Scriptures
 Format: Hardcover, Paperback  Author: Ben Williams  Category: Christian life, Religion  Published: September 26, 2023  ISBN: 9781632966490  Pages: 188  Buy on Amazon  Barnes & Noble

Many Christians want to study the Bible, but they simply don’t know how or where to start. As a result, the thought of spending time in the Word can feel overwhelming and even hopeless but it doesn’t have to be that way.

This book was written for you if you long to study and understand God’s Word for yourself. God’s design is for you to abide in the life-giving truths of Scripture and live them out in the grace and power He provides. All you’re missing is a road map-a hands-on guide that takes the mystery out of Bible study and helps you interact with God in His Word by . . .

– Preparing your heart to connect with God through His Word.
– Analyzing the context of any passage in Scripture.
– Understanding the words of the Bible in its original languages.
– Applying the Word to every area of your life.

Learning how to study the Bible is the journey of a lifetime, and it will change your heart forever. If you’re ready to dive deeper into the Word, then let’s get started.

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