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Quiet Christian, Loud Connection

- Are We Ever Really Alone?
 Format: Paperback  Author: Terrill Hendrix  Category: Christian life  Published: February 13, 2024  Pages: 106  Buy on Amazon  Barnes & Noble

Growing up as a regular Sunday School attender, I was intrigued by angels although it never occurred to me that they might really be with me wherever I went. The Quiet Christian tells my story of how that changed for me in the early 1970s. From that point on, I have experienced the assurance of knowing that God is with me and that His army of angels are my constant companions. Several miraculous life events convinced me that I am never really alone. During the marvelous life-changing events that I share in The Quiet Christian, I began to experience the presence of God more intimately and wondered, “Why me? Why doesn’t everyone have similar experiences with angels?” Based on my own real-life experiences, I believe that everyone has God’s army of angels at their disposal. As you read this book, you may discover that, like me, you have been ignoring this blessing for far too long. I encourage you to entertain the thought that God can use angels to guide us and that you will embrace the supernatural instead of believing that it can’t happen to you.

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