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- Rise Above When You Feel Below
 Format: Paperback  Author: Nick Graham  Category: Christian life, Self-Help  Published: February 20, 2024  Pages: 200  Buy on Amazon  Barnes & Noble

Repair, Recalibrate, and Restore the Competitive Spirit.

If you’re not living ambitiously enough to be an underdog, are you really living?

Most agree that competition is 80 percent mental and just 20 percent physical; this book of affirmative, encouraging, and relatable stories will give underdogs the mental fuel needed to drive past their obstacles and arrive healthily at their finish lines. Underdog helps equip the reader with the mental and emotional toughness and endurance any committed competitor needs to run and complete their underdog races.

Nick brings you relatable stories to help you better answer the timeless question: When life brings you lemons, what will you do with them?

Underdog will:
– Provide a safe space for you to reconcile your competitive feelings.
– Aid you in developing the emotional toughness needed to keep fighting.
– Lead you to healthily cope with competitive heartbreaks and failure.
– Revive your competitive goals and dreams.
– Comfort you along your underdog journey.
– Hold you accountable to demand competitive excellence of yourself.
– Convince you to never settle.

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