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Like Father, Like Sons

- Meditations on God as our Father
 Format: Paperback  Author: Joel E. Reed  Category: Christian Living  Published: May 1, 2013  ISBN: 1935909452  Pages: 178  Buy on Amazon


Your Heavenly Father is. The problem is that we see the Father through our earthly father. We are all given lenses at some point in our childhood, and we still wear them even as we begin to parent our own children. The lenses gray our understanding of the Father. Who is He? What does He think of me? Does He accept me? Is He proud of me? What does He want from me?

Herein lies the beauty of the gospel: In Christ, our lenses are removed so we can clearly see the Father, and, in Christ, the Father puts on lenses and sees us through His perfect Son!

This means that in the Gospel we can see what the Father is like. God the Father not only exemplifies fatherhood, but He empowers us in the Gospel to father like Him. If we can see the Father, we can image the father to our children.

So what is the Father like?

Let’s remove the lenses and see.

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